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R.O.B BIO - Robert Buchanan III easily put is very well known in his community.  Growing up Rob shined as a standout athlete in high school sports especially basketball in the tougher streets of the city on the North side of Kalamazoo.  R.O.B has always had a street sense and love for style/fashion and music.  During Rob's adolescent years and wanting to stand out as an individual amongst his peers and gain attention from the local females Rob would often create his own style and customize t-shirts which has since grown into a full fledged business and his staple in the city coining both the phrases "Fresh By Nature" and "Fresh Gods".  Overcoming adversity and the loss of his father, Rob has grown extremely close as a family man and taking care of his family and raising his children.  Throughout his years Rob has maintained many close friends and has been part of several Rap/Hip Hop groups and entertainment labels such as LRS GANG (Legendary Rhyme Spitters) which includes his close friend MARZ who can be heard on AFF mixtape vol 1 and cousin S.I.P (So Into Paper) who can be heard on a few popular tracks such as "Just Want Money", "We Major", "The Function", and more as well as scene in various music videos.  Rob is one of the main leaders and important part of Team Affiliated which is a trademark of Midwest Records INC.  Rob was actually introduced to MWRINC back in 2014 and has since then completed his first solo mixtape "The Growth Project", collaborated and featured on "Team Affiliated's Spit Squad", a mixtape called "Champagne Summers", and as of recent in June of 2019 his first solo album "VALIDATION".  Between running a high demand t-shirt company, a career working in both the Health and construction industry, an eccentric large family with children to raise, recent success starring in two major movies presented in major theaters "Smoke Break" and "Fall Semester", AND dominating the local music scene including opening for major artists and too many events and shows to count, R.O.B's fan base continues to multiply daily and is projected to be a success nationally!